Smoking Goose charcuterie

Brad Olson

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"Meatery"...I think I like that word.;) I visit southern Ohio every August and sometimes my route takes me through Indy; right now that's not the plan for 2020 but I might have to rethink things if I could work in a visit to Smoking Goose.

tasteMAKERS shows up from time to time in the Create channel's rotation up here. The first time I saw it I thought Cat Neville was actress Julie Bowen (Ed, Modern Family) until the credits rolled.
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Lynn Dollar

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Enjoyed the show, I streamed it over the PBS app.

Gotta appreciate how those farms raise their animals. But I gotta wonder about the increase in cost.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I used to go through Indianapolis fairly regularly, now I wish I still did! I might have to make a nice long day trip! Thanks for sharing that Bob!