Smoking a packer and ribs together....anyone try this on a 22” before?


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Hello again.

I’d like to try this smoke for a big occasion once the daytime temps here in New England start rising. The packer would be placed on the lower rack and the ribs hung vertically with a gateway rib hanger. I’ve yet to try the hanger, so I’m not sure how low the ribs would hang just yet. Also I’ve heard of people cutting the rib racks in half and hanging them that way.

I’m guessing the brisket would need about 14 hours and I’d probably time adding the ribs once the brisket is wrapped, or sometime afterwards. Has anyone tried a big smoke like this and can offer some tips? I have a WSM 22.

Thanks in advance.

Bob Bass

While I have not done this myself, it is common for those competing with a single WSM. Maybe one will chime in...