Smokey, Dark Salsa?



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One of the things I miss greatly from when we had our place in Mexico was the the dark, smokey salsa that was very common in restaurants, taco stands etc.

I've tried smoking onion, tomato, jalapeno, garlic etc and it just never comes out right.

Anyone have inside knowledge on how this could be made?


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use this as a base.

you could also fire roast your tomatoes and jalapenos (and garlic too, in aluminum foil with evoo). toast the guajillos and a few chile de arbols (heat!) and then rehydrate in warm water for 20 mins. blend the peppers with a little but of the chile water and then add your roasted tomatoes and jalapenos, add salt and fresh line juice. when all is blended, add in some chopped white onion, if you want onion and enjoy.

hope this helps.

K Kruger

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Use the onion and roast it as well. Slice it thickly then roast in a dry pan, as in the video above, till nicely charred. Cumin adds smoky notes as does dried chipotle or moro chiles (in addition to or instead of any other chiles you are using).

RichPB (richlife)

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I found this when first posted, but just got around to watching the YouTube video. Looks very impressive. I agree with Brett to use both anchos and guajillos even though the video says guajillos and seems to show anchos. I think some people use either but I've found for my chili that both is better.

I'm posting a summary of the video recipe in Odds & Ends.