SmokeDay15 from Germany (Bavaria)


Jan M.

Hi friends,

I participate with a „Pulled Pork“ from a BostonButt cut this year.
I started 5:30 in the morning with my 18.5” WSM.

Here are my pics:

I will update the gallery progress related over the whole time.

[EDIT] Inc. a daily pickup! ;-)

Have fun!
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Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Great set-up Jan! Pork looks GREAT too!!
...and i LOVE this grill! Happy Smoke Day!



Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Jan, i will be (am now) smoking some ribs today but we have postponed our Smoke Day until July 20th.
Weather seems to cooperate better in July than this weekend
(however it is gorgeous right now)…

Jan M.

Hey Cliff,
Thx for your comment.
The weather was **** here. Rain-Sun-Wind-Rain and so on.
I had much bigger plans concerning my pics.