Smoked Garlic


Sonny Jordan

TVWBB Super Fan
At my house, garlic is an appetizer so this post should be ok.

I left an earlier message about foiling garlic then putting it in the cooker. Mr. Jim Minion was kind enough to say forget the foil and just put it on the smoker.

I cut the top 1/4 inch off to expose the cloves. Drizzled a little olive oil with pepper. Then put it beside the pork butts for about 3 hrs. Smoked garlic squirted out like tooth paste.

Terrific! Thanks, Jim.

Pork Eat World
Smoked a few extra cloves just to put in the fridge.

Spread some on cut french bread with a little butter and Cavenders seasoning.

A meal in itself.

Pork Eat World