Smoke Day Pork Butt

Peter Gallagher

TVWBB All-Star
Hello All!
It's been a little while, but a Smoke Day always will bring them out of the woodwork. This year Smoke Day happened to coincide with our 28 anniversary - what says 'happy anniversary' better than a good ol' porkbutt?

Started out with making the rub - my go to ingrediant for pork butt rub? - Fennel pollen.

Get it rubbed up, and then back in to the fridge - I'm going to do it over night - Life is easy with a Stoker..

I put it on at about 10:00PM on Friday, then off to bed...

Here we are at about 7:00 AM. At this point it was wrapped in foil and and back in for another 2 hours..

After it was done cooking, it got wrapped in a old towel and put in a cooler. (I learned that trick right here at the Forum) before eating, pulled it - it was so perfecto!

The finished product - Hope everyone has a GREAT holiday weekend!

russ olin

TVWBB Diamond Member
Guud to see you back.
Great looking pork butt & great plated pic too.
Happy Memorial Day weekend to you too.

Cliff Bartlett

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Dang Peter.. Nice seeing you back. Missed seeing all those great looking cooks. Happy Anniversary and that is one fine looking pork butt.