Smoke Day London Ontario Canada - Side Ribs And Beans


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Got 2 uncut racks of side ribs in the fridge and am going out shortly for some Bush's beans and some stuff to Tex them up. I will update with photos as I go. I will be hanging my ribs via a Weber hanging rack and using a 2nd middle section so I can leave my ribs long and still have a rack for them beans.


My rub consists of salt, pepper, granulated garlic, ground down dehydrated onion, mango chipolte powder, roasted garlic habanero powder, roasted cumin, regular paprika, smoked sweet paprika, smoked hot paprika and a little Byrons Butt Rub. I grind the pepper and onion chunks in a tall mortar and pestle then put everything together in a broad Bali mortar and pestle to grind everything together:



Rib slabs were cut into a chine bone strip and a proper rib strip. Membrane, flap and excess fat were removed from the rib strip and everything was coated in a thin layer of grapeseed oil - I normally use light olive oil but had none. This grapeseed oil is very light so I think it will do. All edges were also coated in the rub:


My beans are made up and in the fridge with the ribs....ribs I leave for a couple hours before smoking. I crisp my bacon bits then toss in a pot. Onion and sweet peppers are cooked till soft in the bacon fat then added to the pot. Three cans of Bush's beans and can of pinnaple chunks along with some bbq sauce and granulated garlic are added to taste:


Somewhere along the way the beans will need some additional it water, beer or pinnaple juice left in the can.
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Getting set up:


Temp is about 277f and smoke is clean:


Put the ribs on the hangers:


Onto Smokezilla:


Gonna put a pan underneath the ribs for the beans to be added in about an hour or so. I am running white oak and some rum oak cask pieces....smelling sweet it is. Ribs will be foiled and at that point they will move to 2 kettles. The third kettle will be used to cook some chicken thighs for the wife and child....who will not eat my ribs. More for the cook I say.
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Love the red, white & blue coolers! ;)

Your first picture of the spices with the mortar & pestle setup is priceless; well done.
It is a little over an hour in and the bark on the ribs has formed. I put the pan in under the ribs then added the beans as well as adding some boiled water to the water pan in the lower section of the WSM. I am spritzing the ribs with a mix of hot water and worcestershire sauce.

Love this shot:


With the flash:


I am stirring the beans and spritzing ever 15 minutes or so.
Oh those beans will have some awesome flavor with all the drippings from those ribs. Wish I had a bowl of those right now.
Oh those beans will have some awesome flavor with all the drippings from those ribs. Wish I had a bowl of those right now.

Been doing this style of beans with the pinnapple now for almost 2 years and made grown men swear by and about them. Lookin' like a good batch so far. I have yet to taste any. Wait till you see how I finish these babies.....the chine bone strips will play a part.
Ribs after 3 hours or so in the smoker and ready to foil:


Nothing complicated here just parkay, brown sugar, honey and Tiger Sauce:


Chicken in the blue and the foiled ribs on the two blacks:


Momma and the dogs:


On the way to the garden with her minder in tow:


The sauce I am using on the ribs:


The two flaps finish first:


Smokering right the way through:


Out of the foil and time to sauce and glaze:


Did chicken thighs for the women....the first half naked just off the coals then in a pan. Put some sauce on about 20 minutes before they were done:

The first rack is done and time to eat:


Most of this was pull of the bone, moist and pretty juicy on some bones:


Served with fresh asparagus from the garden and my wife's take on Big Moe Cason's Slaw:


The remaining 3 racks finishing:


The shred from one of the chine bone strips:


Mixed in with the beans and reheated in the oven:


A closeup....these are really good....smokey and filled with the goodness of pork and love:


The girl child ate both here pieces of chicken and the wife ate some ribs.....I'm doing pretty good today folks.

Take care all.