Smoke Day 2018


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Happy SD14 TVWBB Brothers & Sisters!

Life has been crazy, but no way am I gonna miss Smoke Day. This year....Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

The goods: And yes....The dough is Barb's world famous thin crust pizza dough

Lets get this cook going


Black Olives (I know, but I love them)



Fresh Garlic

Parmesan cheese

Extra virgin olive oil

The 18" WSM

couple more pictures


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Nice shirt dood

Smells amazing

35 minutes later

That's a knife

The rewards

Wiped the CI with a paper towel and it's ready for the next cook

Hope everyone had a wonderful SD14! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Semper Fi!

russ olin

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Dude, Pizza looks out of the ball park! Stick fired at that.
Nice presentation. But, your scaring people with that GIANT knife. lol

By the way I saw your little helper off to the side, cute.

Peter Gallagher

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Chuck, what an effort! I love the theme with the G's in Wrigley this weekend - I thought I was looking at the Giordano's webpage until I saw the guy wielding the machete, and then I knew it was just you doing your thing in the backyard!

Anne M.

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Lovely looking pie!
Very filling, I suppose, with all those toppings.
I think I need to get myself away from the idea that a pizza should be ready in a couple minutes...

Timothy F. Lewis

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Anyone that doesn’t like black olives has simply not developed their tastebuds fully yet! I have loved them since I was a kid.
I own that knife as well, though in its “Old Hickory” format. It came with walnut scales though, I’ll have to fix that...
Killer pie!


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I think I need to get myself away from the idea that a pizza should be ready in a couple minutes...
This is an easy pizza to make (once the dough is done) but it is a half hour cook time due to the low temperature (375 degrees)

James N

I would of been all over that Pizza...I eat those black olives by the hand full, There's always a few cans in the house.


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Love that pizza. And black olives.

I had an aunt that used to give me 2 cans of black olives for Christmas.

You look dangerous.