Small metal trash can with locking lid for ash after cook.


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Hey everyone, I picked up a small galvanized metal can with locking top to put my ash in after cooks on my 18" and 14" for 15 bucks from Lowes. Does anyone else do that for softer after the cook?


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You're still going to want to be careful with that for a couple of reasons. Hot ashes, especially in an empty can, will heat it up a lot. And hot ashes can (under rather extreme circumstances) start to burn through/off the galvanizing, leading to rust.

Still a good idea to clean out the grill.

Eugene A

I just use a small metal bucket. I empty the ash the next day, leave it there in the bucket for a few days to ensure that the coals are extinguished, and then I dump it into a plastic garbage bag, and into the trash can it goes.

Lew Newby

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I got a bucket with lid from Ace and do pretty much as the others. However, being the cheapo that I am I use an empty Kingsford bag for cold ashes, foil, and grease.

Jim Lampe

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When you grill and smoke every day, you need a little bit bigger can for your ashes.
this is the one I use