Silver vs Gold SJ Mini test ( Silver cook) 6 pound bird

Jeff Padell

Ok, today I used the SJ Silver to cook a 6 pound chicken. I loaded my charcoal ring and I hoped to get the temps up to 325-350. I had the vents fully open. I lit 14 coals and spread them on top of the pile of unlit. The temp climbed to 290 and held there about 2 hours, it wasn’t going any higher so I lit another 6 coals and put them on the pile, when I took the mid section out about ¾ of the coals were going most fully ashed, I did get the temp to 320 for about 40 minutes and then it started going down again. The last 40 minutes it has steadily dropped to 255, but after 2 ½ hours the chicken said it was done.
I took it off and put the top back on, the temp has rebounded to 275 where it is holding right now. I am going to monitor it and see what the trends are.
The Gold cook yesterday had basically the same temps, 290 and held there, don't really see a difference between the two EXCEPT that when the cook was done I had about half the coals left with the gold, the silver ignite more of the coals
The chicken looks good and there was plenty of room in the mini.


Tony R

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Nice color on the bird.

Good test you did there. Try lump charcoal next time see how that goes...

Jeff Padell

I will try some lump, the skin looks great but it was a bit tough, the meat however was great. I used some Montreal rub and also some brown sugar on it.

One thing about the mini, whether Silver or Gold is that it doesn't use that much charcoal so I will try lump coal to see if it is hotter and not worry about using too much
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George L

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Your bird came out really nice!

When I need to achieve higher temps in the mini I'll dump a full Weber chimney load of coals lit to about half way up (certainly a lot more than 14 lit coals) into my SJS. I don't use a coal ring so it can handle the extra load. I can hold temps anywhere between 300-400F+ with this method easily.

George Curtis

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yea, i have been debating about the use of a ring. i will not use a ring the next cook and see how that goes. for sure a ring limits the amount of coals used and might not be a good choice on long cooks.