shrimp & scallop kabobs


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the marinade: mix lime & pineapple juice, lea & Perrins, green tabasco, salt, brown sugar, honey, garlic, adobo seasoning, & zatarans seasoning in a sauce pan. bring to a simmer & add some chopped vedalia onions. let cool & add shrimp & scallops & marinate in the refrigerator overnight.
make up your kabobs with the shrimp & scallops with green &/or red peppers, mushrooms, & pineapple chunks. grill until the shrimp color shows they're done.
AND if you marinate some extra shrimp & scallops you can get some 1 1/2"-2" thick pork chops & cut a pocket in them. marinate them in the same mix overnight. chop some vedalia onions & mushrooms, & cut the shrimp & scallops into large chunks & sautee everything in butter in a pan. stuff the chops with the sauteed mix & slow smoke until done. I usually wrap the chops after 45 -60 minutes & smoke another 30-40 minutes & let them rest while still wrapped for another hour.

Len Dennis

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it sounds good but I think you need to add quantities. I am a good cook (can follow recipes) but I'm not a good chef (make it up as I go along). Thanks.


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i'll try. most of my cooking is by taste. if you're going to grill 1 1/2 ibs. each of shrimp & scallops you should start with 2 cups of combined juices. tangerine juice works well with this too. I use granulated garlic as it doesn't lump up & the words too much & garlic in my opinion do not belong in the same sentence. salt & pepper to taste. 1/4 cup brown sugar, 6 tbspn. each of green tabasco adobo, & zatarains, 1/4 cup lea & Perrins, & 1 small vedalia onion finely chopped. you can use 6minced toes of fresh garlic instead of the granulated. you can also add some red pepper flakes or hot sauce if you want to add some heat. the only other brand of worcestorshire sauce that comes close to lea & Perrins is Crystal. they make a great hot sauce too. there will be enough marianate left to do 4-6 pork chops. this one of my experimental recipes that worked.
I serves the kabobs, chops with sweet potato home fries ( before sweet potato fries became the rage ) once when a new York chef was in attendance at the dinner. she offered me sex for the marinade & home fries recipes.