Selling my spare v4.2 and v4.3 HeaterMeter


Tony L-Iowa

Hi all-

Years ago I built a handful of Heatermeters (I wanted extra in case of issues - my original 4.2 is still working on my BBQ setup, though the LCD is starting to show its age and some wear issues after numerous years of use, which really don't matter much to me as I use wifi interface primarily). I noticed due the global parts supply shortage folks may want and not be able to obtain a heatermeter until things settle out. As such and with spring BBQ season approaching, I'd like to sell one of my version 4.2 and one of my version 4.3 "spare" builds. They're complete with ABS printed cases, raspberry pi's with wifi, and power supply. Please PM me if you're interested. Below are some pictures of them: