Sear or Reverse Sear - what do you prefer?


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Hello Jamie,

I'm a fool for reverse searing. It has never let me down.

However, I'm curious as to what you prefer & why.
Or if there are situations when one works better than the other.

Thank you,

Jamie Purviance

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Far be it from this fool to get in the way of you and reverse searing. I like it too. I tend to use it most often for big cuts of meat, like 2-inch t-bones and whole beef tenderloins. For me the big advantage is a wide swath of even doneness from edge to edge. As you know, the reverse sear technique avoids a wide band of overcooked meat around the perimeter, which is what you get with a heavy sear. On the other hand, a heavy sear can taste so bloody good, especially on a rich steak like ribeye. Even with the top and bottom are a little overcooked, there are still juicy and fabulous. So I tend to use the reverse sear on leaner cuts and bigger cuts of meat. Thanks for the question, Robert!