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I was thinking about beef steak and tri-tip today and thought of a sauce that I've ordered with a steak in Japanese restaurants on occasion.

Sometimes, I want some beef when we go to a Japanese restaurant, but they often just have "teriyaki" steak on the menu. A lot of times that means a thick, sweet sauce, slopped on the otherwise great beef. I just don't care for the thick, sweet stuff. So, I'll ask if they have some Ponzu sauce (they servie it with other dishes, so I know they have it) on the side and no teri sauce. It's a thin, soy sauce base, with mild rice vinegar, lemom juice, mainly. It's just enough salty, and acidic to make a seared steak really just pop, IMO. Usually this sauce is served with a fish dish, but it works for me on beef.

You can find many web recipes for it that vary. Here's one.