Saluting With Smoke BBQ Competition


James J

TVWBB Super Fan
Excellent cook, James !
Congratulations !
(that darn judge #6... ;) )
Thanks Bob! I’ve slept a few hours now, but just woke up and I’m still pumped!! I am honored to have competed for such a great cause! I was able meet and compete against some great teams that I’m sure you have heard of including Que U, Heavy Smoke, Fergolicious, Loot N’ Booty (special shout out because I used his rub in my mix!), Gettin’ Basted, and several more. It was an amazing day and I’m just overwhelmed!

James J

TVWBB Super Fan
Looks like this turned out to be a Friday event only...
Saturday was a 'little' blustery... ;)
You are correct. Unfortunately due to inclement weather, the main event on Saturday was cancelled.

This is what I had to deal with on Friday…

James J

TVWBB Super Fan
Rain and 35mph winds

My paper towels quickly turned into wet wipes!


I pulled everything into the center of the tent, abandoned ship, and sat in the truck and built my turn in box.