Rub recipe that’s not spicy at all?


Jason L. T.

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Does anyone happen to have a recipe for a rub that is not spicy at all? Wife and kids like sweet with no heat at all. Still new to smoking and not sure what might be a good place to start with the rub. Thanks


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Jason, if you check the recipes posted on the thread under this one, you will find all the recipes that you need. I know because I have posted quite a few of them. lol

If you find something you like and it has too much hot stuff, just leave it out. DH does it for me all the time.

I am about to post a new one for you on the other thread, called "Eddie's BBQ Rub" Hope you like it. It starts off with brown sugar. lol
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Yea start with salt&pepper with a little brown sugar patted on and see how they like it. Then you can add onion,garlic powder, sweet paprika etc.
Most spices tend to tone down during a long smoke, just avoid cayenne, thats pure heat with little to no flavor.
Just google "sweet rub" and you'll get tons of recipes that are all basically the same -- brown sugar, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, paprika, dry mustard. Typically used for pork and chicken.

The hot comes from the chili powder, cayenne, and hot (vs regular or smoked) paprika. Just reduce or leave those out.