Rpi4 with HM?

Fred van Zoggel

New member
Hello there,

I've been using 2 hm's for my webers for a few years now, but sadly one of them passed away.....

I ordered a new one, but my intention was to use it with the newer rpi4. I have one as a spare, but is it possible to get him working with the hm? I am a guy who does everything from reading google, the exact electronics expertise is a little difficult for me. I can't find an exact answer if it is, or not, possible to get this working.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks, Fred

Bryan Mayland

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Nope, not possible. They don't fit together because they changed the board layout too. There's no advantage to using a Pi4 over the 3 or Zero in terms of practical speed, the copious extra heat from the CPU can affect thermocouple readings slightly, and the extra power draw means there might not be enough 5V left for the servo too.


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I suggest you try a rPi zero-w, cheap, low power/heat, tiny, only negative perhaps is the lack of LAN port and the mini hdmi. That said, as long as you can get your image to boot you don't need lan or HDMI, and I've never had a problem with a zero-w.