Rotisserie Chicken with Cherry


Gary S

I'm sure most here are getting tired of poultry but we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October and I was wanting to spin a couple of chicks on the rotisserie if the weather was suitable.
I was not planning on posting this cook so there are no prep pictures but once I lifted the kettle lid I had to take a picture or two.

I don't think there is anything that beats the colour of cherry on poultry. Nothing special done to these birds other than EVOO and Cub House Montreal Chicken seasoning.
I ran the kettle up to 400 and kept it there for the entire cook. I prefer to use fire on one side when I use the rotisserie.

Thanks for looking :)
Looks delicious, a rotisserie ring for the kettle is my next toy! Hope Santa Claus hears this!
Those birds look tasty Gary!! Great cook!! The ROTO is on my list of things to get!!

Nice work!!
rotisserie is def the way to go with the poultry. great color - im sure they tasted excellent.

don't lift the lid...
Thanks everybody. Wolgast thank you too. There is just something about a rotisserie and chicken not discounting other good roasts of course but I think chicken is best on the roti.
I'm gonna try a turkey. I have always been a little concerned about the weight but I'm gonna go for it as others have, maybe before Christmas.:)
Wow Gary those chickens are amazing looking. Curious, I have never seen rotisserie done like that with the coals on just one side. Some kind of secret? 😀
Dustin, when I first used the Weber Kettle and the rotisserie I tried both baskets, one on either side. I decided at that time the heat was more extreme than I wanted or needed given the design of the kettle. I still cook at high temps depending but as the meat rotates it has a chance to cool somewhat. Less chance to burn. I'm not sure if there is any science that would support one method over the other but I have noticed there are commercial rotisseries that heat only a small area of the rotation. In all of my rotisserie cooks I fire only one side and I have had great results. In this case I decided to go for crispy skin so I cooked hotter but still only one side. I have cooked beef and pork as well using the same method. I've never burned anything on the rotisserie cooking this way and given the way I foil the unused portion of the charcoal grate it really works for me.
Thanks for your question.