Rotisserie Chicken tonight.


Bob Bailey

TVWBB All-Star
A small bird (~4 lbs.), moderately coated with SPG and then a liberal coating of Lemon Pepper. Spun up over Expert Grill Championship Cherry Briquets. Cooked to 166 breast temp. and 175 thigh temp. Tender and very juicy without a hint of pink in the joints, and very flavorful. No fruit wood flavor, but really didn't expect any over an open fire. Nothing negative to say about the briquets, except it took a bit more than KBB. Had an eggplant out of the garden that needed to be used, so wife made an eggplant parmesan casserole to go with the chicken. Feeling like an old hog now. If someone scratched me behind the ears, I'd be asleep in a heartbeat :)

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