Roadside roto bird



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Picked up the only fire rotisserie for the baby q. Marinated a bird in roadside marinade for two days. Didn’t plan on it being that long but life happened. Turned out great. Looking forward to more cooks using the rotisserie l!



That’s cool! I never saw one of those before. I had a Q at work, I would’ve had that rotisserie going all the time!


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Amazing! Case, I never knew that a roto conversion was available for the Qs, very nice.
Thank you. yeah overseas in Europe and Australia Weber has had them. But they weren’t offered on the US. Onlyfire made this one and they just starting selling them. Crazy thing is they were making them for the 2000 series but aren’t anymore.


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The little bbq that could, nice find Case...bird is a sizzling to perfection.