Ribs with bacon/belly still attached



Found a new butcher this weekend. During our conversation he made mention of selling ribs with the bacon/belly still attached.

Any of you ever worked with such a cut? I am interested in making a run at it for labour day...
I would trim them down to the tradional spare or down even further to St Louis cut and cook them separately from the ribs.

The lower belly portions will contain a lot more fat to render out so their cooking time will be longer than that of the ribs. The trimmings make a tasty snack for the cook or pulled for later use in a pot of beans, chili and so on.

The cut you talk about here, is the only cut that we can get here in Norway, exept thin ready rubbed spares with almost no meat on them.
I take off the rind and some of the fat underneath, I use the fat layer for sausages, and I smoke the rind together with the ribs.
Great as a snack, or it can be used to give pork/smoke taste to stews or soups.
I leave the piece of belly intact on the ribs and smoke that cut in the same manner as the ribs.
As most of my guests have never tasted real ribs, I have no complaints. The taste of the meat is not that different from the ribs. As far as I have experienced, the belly part does not need more cooking time than the part with ribs on them.

Bear in mind that our pigs are about half the size of yours. That might be a factor I have no experience with.

I sure would like to visit USA and taste some of your home made spare ribs!