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I've been quarantined in my office with Covid, trying to keep my wife Covid-free. What else is there to do other than work? Read through every post in every BBQ and Pizza forum.

I couldn't handle it anymore, so managed to escape to the backyard to grill up a Costco rib cap on the WGA. It's really the perfect little tool for a reverse sear of a steak. So, about 45 minutes on the opposite side of some K-Comp, chunk of cherry, and sprinkling of a bourbon barrel chip blend. Then, lift the lid, stoke the fire and get it screaming hot. Lots of flippity-flops and dancing with the flames - voila! My wife was considerate enough to remove the string holding it all together, without telling me. That was a surprise. But maybe it worked out for the best - I could sear the silver skin that was left on the internal sides of the wrapped meat.

I saw there was some discussion a while back (remember, I've read All The Posts now) that Costco's rib cap quality has decreased. I agree. I remember this being an amazing steak. It was good, but not as amazing as I remember. It was certainly good enough that Elsa still wanted to snatch it from the grill, and I'm surprised she didn't.


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Those are great! Take mine off a little sooner. ;)

I wonder if beef quality took a hit from the shortages, and the backlash surges since. I really hadn't noticed that recent quality was down from pre-pandemic quality. I tend to buy mostly prime grade beef at Costco, since we don't cook a lot of beef. The prime ribeyes are really great still. They still have the marbling I remember. I think today is a good day to have another.
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We had a Beagle when I was young. His name was Lucky. He was choking on a round steak bone
and I was lucky enough to get it out. Not too long after that his luck ran out chasing a rabbit across
the street......