Reynold's aluminum foil



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Is it me or have they changed the thickness over the last year? I've been using both the regular and the heavy duty for decades. But now the regular feels like that super thin stuff restaurants use for covering stuff and the heavy duty feels like the old regular. I thought maybe I got a couple of bad rolls a year ago but just got another of each and it's the same. Am I losing my mind here>


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I found a old roll from years ago in a BBQ tote in my garage and noticed how thicker it felt compared to a new roll.
Both were HD.


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I noticed that, too......switched to buying HD rolls from CostCo (also RR), and they seem much more like the original HD to me (and cheaper to boot.)
Ooh, good catch. I will definitely tell the wife to get some from Costco next time she goes. Thanks!

Timothy F. Lewis

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I’ve been getting the “food service” stuff from Gordon Food Service for a few years and theirs seems a little thinner too.
The last roll I picked up was three years ago, just getting near the end so, I went over and picked up a 1000’ roll two weeks ago but, I still seem to have a few more pieces left on to old one, it just keeps on and that was a 500’ roll, this giant one should last me a while!

Bob Bailey

We get Reynolds HD at Sam's Club and it doesn't appear to be thinner than in the past. Thinking they must make thinner products for lower end retailers.

Richard in NS

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I found the same thing so tried the store brand and it seemed thicker and did not tear holes in it as easy. Cheaper too!