Gary Hafer

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Hi, Jamie. Can't wait to receive your new book!

As in your previous Weber's New Real Grilling, have you found it necessary to revisit the classic recipes in this new book, making adjustments for changing tastes or ingredients? For example, the local food trend has really changed what chefs prepare (more than the organic movement, I think) but how have these larger food trends affected the way we look at those "classic" grilling recipes?

Jamie Purviance

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Hey Gary! It's great to hear from you. Yes, I think it makes good sense to update the recipes in some cases. Many of them were great years ago and they still great today, but here's an example of one that needed updating. Originally it was Chilean Sea Bass with Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette. Since it was published in 2005, Chilean sea bass has been overfished, so nowadays I recommend using thick, meaty halibut with the brightly colored and flavorful vinaigrette in that recipes.

I hope you enjoy the book.


Gary Hafer

TVWBB Member
Fantastic, Jamie. And you know how I love grilled seafood. I'm sure I'll love the book. Maybe this time we can meet up during your book tour.