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RJ Banks

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For me it's, always being outside for the whole day. Parents didn't have to constantly know where you were and we could entertain or make a game out of anything. I remember getting our first microwave. Only person on the black to have one for a while. When the dug the first cable lines into the neighborhood and the parents decided it was time to buy one of those "new TV's with the remote thingy" as my mom used to say. Getting my license during the first Gulf War and taking my parents car out the first time. Dad purposely ran it down to empty to make me fill it up. I remember being so mad that it cost me nearly $27.00 to fill the station wagon up, but he was teaching me value of money.

Being in police work I really get to see how things have changed so much even in just the last 15 years with parenting. Parents now have a real hard time letting their children explore and experience the world and always want to solve their problems while being their friend. Some of the reasons are rightly justified but kids are missing out on huge opportunities to learn to adapt and overcome to the world because they expect everything to be given to them or if they do work towards a goal it needs to be instant gratification.

These are the biggest "remember when's" for me.


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Twi-night double headers only cost one ticket. You could commit to memory any player with any team before free agency.
Every neighborhood had a Mom & Pop store. Also a drug store, butcher, barber and at least two to three Bars on every corner.
I remember the fresh produce guy pushing his wagon down the street, singing tomatoes.. potatoes.. etc..
68 in Chicago I was 10 yrs old, a patrol boy watching the National Guard drive down Western ave with jeeps and troop carriers.
What to do in case of a nuclear attack? In school they told us to hide under our desk and cover our heads.
Data processing in HS, we used punch cards and fed them in this SUV sized computer.


Al S.

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30 seemed so old...
You found out pro baseball players got PAID to do that?
Playing outside all day?/No video games

Bob H.

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Remember when the gas wars drove prices for regular down to 17.9 cents a gallon in 1969 in Cedar Rapids Iowa,
and at age 17 I could pass for 19 to buy beer. Neither one of those will ever happen again.


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I was pretty young, but I remember when this was new


Chris Allingham

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Going to my grandparent's house where they had a 25" console color TV with a remote that went CLUNK-CLUNK-CLUNK through channels 2-13. Playing with the power windows in my grandpa's Ford LTD sedan. Getting A&W root beer and french fries right on Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. Riding in electric boats on Lake Evans at Fairmount Park in Riverside, CA and enjoying the carousel and amusement park rides there. My first calculator: a Texas Instruments TI-2550...about $100 at the May Company department store. My first cassette recorder: a General Electric from K-Mart. My Schwinn Orange Crate 5-speed banana seat cool. My Schwinn Continental 10-speed in Sky Blue with knock-off wheels and center-pull grown-up. Going to air-conditioned malls and movie theaters for relief from summer heat. Eating Popsicles and KoolPops...lots of them. Going to see Ronald McDonald when he came to visit the only McDonald's in your town. Remembering when the first McDonald's opened in your town and what a big deal that was. Collecting glassware and other junky stuff every time Dad filled-up the car at the gas station. Gas rationing during the Nixon Administration. Collecting Wacky Packages stickers.

I could go on and on...

Bob Correll

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Hula Hoops.
Milk in waxed cartons.
Cars with fins.
Your first transistor radio.
Loving the smell of baseball card bubble gum.
Going to places that were "Cool Inside" since your house didn't have an air conditioner.

Bill - Bigbill

Being smacked upside the head by teachers, and when I told my dad (only once), getting smacked again because the teacher probably didn't
hit me hard enough for whatever I had done.

Walking across town with my shotgun over my shoulder to meet up with my buddies to go duck hunting.

Being the guy at my fathers gas station that wiped the windows, checked the oil and tire pressures, and being
eternally grateful for a dime tip for my efforts.

Bill Klinke

Being indignant when they raised the price of comics from a dime to ......... 12 cents!!!

Wish I still had those, including the scrooge mcduck issues.

Jon in SF

For those who live in the SF Bay Area, I miss going for a drive with my father to Johnson's Oyster Farm in Marin, getting a bunch of oysters and driving over to Point Reyes and having a small bon fire to roast those oysters while we fish off the ocean shore. The oyster farm is now pretty much shut down due to environmentalists trying to restore Drake's Bay, and my father has had neck surgery and is no longer as active as before. I have many fond memories of my childhood but this was my favorite.


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Being smacked upside the head by teachers, and when I told my dad (only once), getting smacked again because the teacher probably didn't
hit me hard enough for whatever I had done.

Yea Bill, we would get the ruler across our knuckles and occasionally a book upside the head.
You kinda knew which teachers you can get away with things, and others you couldn't.:)



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Another one is respecting your elders, opening a door for a lady, saying Yes Mam and no Sir.



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I remember memorizing all my friends phone numbers.

......and it costing long distance rates to call in the next city over.....

and then at a few friends houses they'd have phone #s written on the wall by the wall phone.....with the 20' cord.....and sometimes even the pad attached to the phone....

or calling from house to house looking for someone...... is "xxxxx" there? Telecom is one of the biggest changes I think.

I remember probably back in 2006-2007, I hadn't gotten into text messages yet but an employee/friend was..... I teased him by saying "maybe one day we'll be able to send VOICE messages" hahaha I did by best Rodney Dangerfield look and probably got a :roll eyes: back


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GET OFF THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(pre call-waiting.........and then repeated w/ dial up internet)
opening a door for a lady, saying Yes Mam and no Sir

Uh, I still do those things 50+ years later. My dad would give us a pretty good smack if we didn't say sir/ma'am.

Wow, riding my bike to the gas station and filling up the lawn mower gas can with the $0.50 my dad would give me and felt like I was getting away with murder for getting to keep the nickel change!

My mom shoo-ing us out of the house and telling us to 'go play' in the morning and not showing back up again until it started getting dark. Riding our bikes right down the middle of the road to the big lake to go swimming (that road is now a four lane). Playing pickup baseball at the sandlot down the street.

And of course, sliding down the sides of the highway overpass on big pieces of cardboard! Now that was fun!


Frank H

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In 1960 , 10 cents could buy you enough candy to spoil your supper. In 1964 I went to my first movie all by myself. "The Train" Burt Lancaster....cost me 50 cents to get in. And I think a popcorn was maybe a quarter.
A small popcorn is now $8.50 at our local cineplex .....How do we not revolt against that?
Like a lot of you , in summer my parents let me and my brothers out in the morning and didn't look for us until the streetlights came on. At some point in every summer day we played baseball ....maybe a couple of times. If you were a kid in the 60's any adult could tell you to knock it off....and you listened. And Saturday morning was for cartoons on tv !

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