Reheating Pork Back Ribs - Need Fast Answer


Jason M. Park

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Howdy, long time - no post! I learned so much here I've been able to do my own thing for quite a while, but I need some help, so I'm back.

Going to a party tonight and have no time to smoke, so I smoked 4 racks of back ribs yesterday, they turned out great. They are wrapped in foil and sitting in the fridge.

I read the article about storing and reheating, but the section about ribs just says "200-250 degree oven, heat until they reach your desired heat level." That sounds a tad general, anyone done this and have a more specific time frame? Also, should they be all in one big pack of foil or individually foiled?
This is what has worked for me before.

Take 'em out of the refrigerator an hour and a half before you want them (at least an hour). Let them unwrapped sit at room temp for at least 30 minutes, and preferably closer to an hour. Wrap each in foil, but leave the top of the foil open. I like to spray the top of the ribs with Parkay butter spray and a little apple juice before I start reheating. Preheat the oven to 300, lay the individual slabs in their foil boats on the oven racks in a single layer and they should be hot in 30 minutes.

Got 2nd in the Oklahoma Pork Council competition a few years ago with ribs reheated like this at the fairground kitchen display at 5 pm on contest evening after they came off the WSM at 4 am that morning!
(Obviously not a cooked-on-site type competition.)
Keri, Sounds good. Thanks for the advise.

Clay, that was my original plan, depending on the timing of the party, I may have to do that! lol