Reheating brisket


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Hi everyone,

Made a decent brisket yesterday but we have leftovers. Can anyone offer some advice for reheating it without drying it out or turning it into pot-roast? Thanks in advance...was only my 2nd brisket...definite brisket newbie.

J Hasselberger

I usually store leftovers in the fridge as a hunk -- not slices. To reheat, I'll slice the cold hunk and reheat it in a covered pot with a tablespoon of beef stock. Don't "cook"it, just reheat it. Cubed, leftover brisket makes killer tacos and, if you have 2-3 pounds of it, excellent chili. The possibilities are endless.



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Assuming it’s sliced, pour just enough beef broth to cover the bottom of a wide bottomed sauté pan with a lid. Warm the broth very gently, do not boil. Lay your slices in single layer and cover. Flip the slices after 5 to 7 minutes and repeat. I have done this several times and have been pleased with the results. Good luck.

Brad Olson

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When you say reheat, how much are you dealing with and how warm do you want it to be? If I'm reheating leftover barbecue for myself I'll use the microwave in short bursts just enough to knock the chill off of the meat.


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What worked well for me on my 1st brisket was:

Freeze and vacuum seal portion size amounts. When ready to eat thaw in fridge over night and drop sealed bag into pot of simmering water for 12-14 mins. More if you don’t want to thaw over night. Probably 20 minutes if frozen.

Results: almost like the day I cooked it.

Brian Lee

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Like ChristopherC says above. Except I make a killer hash in a cast iron pan (saute cubed potatoes, onions, green peppers, cubed brisket then top with fried eggs + siracha)