Recipes - Is there a website or book recommendation?

Josh - CT

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Just getting started and looking to diversify the things (meats, rubs, sauces etc.) I am cooking on my WSM. Is there a "go to" website or book that is recognized by the community for recipes? I have checked out several books, but can't tell online whats great and whats garbage. Any recommendations?


Timothy F. Lewis

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Hello Josh, you have found the “Ne plus Ultra” of sources for recipes for your WSM! Take a look at the recipe sub forum, you will be met with many fabulous ways to use the big bullet!
Have fun
I have a many of the "better" books including aaron franklin and the weber books. There are plenty of misses as far as recipes go. The meathead / amazingribs recipes are pretty solid although often way over complicated. Even online, I often find stuff that is WAY too salty, or sugary, or whatever. Sam the cooking guy on youtube is great.

Personally, I have REALLY enjoyed branching out from a cultural perspective. Jamaican brown stew jerk chicken/beef, Moroccan lamb, that sort of thing.


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Like a few have said, right here is your best source. There are enough recipes here to keep you busy grilling for years to come. Many, many of the recipes are "tried and true".

Here is a link to my thread here that mentions quite a few cookbooks.


Mark Foreman

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Two. I have found that sites like VWBB, Amazing Ribs, Steve Raichlen offer lots of recipes, techniques, videos etc. i can then download recipes I like to a recipe management app called Paprika.

Jim Strickland

Anything by Aaron Franklin and the Weber Books. Along with that l'd recommend Smoking Meat by Will Fleischman and The Secrets of Smoking on the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker and Other Smokers by Bill Gillespie.