Reacquainting myself with the WSM



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I ended up doing Sous Vide, 2 briskets at 155° for 36 hrs. I was concerned they didn’t seem very tender when I took out of the SV. After 3 hours at ~300° on the WSM, it was fantastic. Many commented it was some of the best brisket they ever had! I was very pleased with the result. Many thanks for the suggestions.


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Sounds great. What was the finish temp?
Bet it probed tender.
Wonder how long it takes brisjet to get to 140 in a water bath.


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36 hours in water @155° so it was surely that temp throughout. I put on smoker for around 3 hrs, didnt really pay attention to finishing temp, only unti it probed tender. I was very pleased with result. I’m sure to use this technique again, if I can afford the meat, given recent prices….lol