radio shack wireless bbq thermometer, $15, maybe $5

Doug D

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Looks like a clone of any number of wireless digital probe thermometers on the market. Probably from the same OEM as Polder.

Chris Finney

TVWBB All-Star
It's the same wireless as the Weber. It only has preset alarm temps for specific types of meat. You can usually get a temp that is close to what you want, but maybe not exactly. It is better suited to grilling than Q'n. Makes a good gift for someone that grills occasionally. I bought one last year, or the year before at a great sale price around this time of year. One day I'll either use it, or gift it.

Larry D.

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The manual says, "The monitor and thermosensor automatically turn off if you do not press any button for about eight hours."

So this one may not be suitable for long cooks.

Jeff T Miller

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Don't bother with the radio shack model. I bought one a year ago and it didn't work out of the box. I took it back and they exchanged it. The second one went out on the next cook. Midnight cook at that. I was working about 5AM and at 7 it wasn't. I ended up trashing it and buying the nutemp and haven't looked back.

Greg Kemp

I'm savin' for a deluxe Guru but till then I got a remote digital thermometer for $25 at costco and works great so far...


Greg Kemp