Q 100 Igniter Conversion

Rob Jenkins

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I have an old Weber Baby Q 386002 Q100 with the manual push button igniter that I purchased new in 2011.

Is it possible to swap this out for the battery powered igniter like that found on the post 2013 models?


Richard in NS

Rob, I have three Q’s which all have the battery powered igniters and am thinking of switching to the Piezo push button ones. The batteries corrode and they do not like the cold winters here in N.S. And if they fail they are expensive to replace the module. Just some things to consider before switching.


Rob Jenkins

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Ha. That's pretty funny.

Do you want to trade? LOL.

I only use mine for tailgating and its stored in my basement most of the time.

I just like the battery powered igniters on my big gasser.

I'm just wondering if it is doable with the weber parts or if someone sells a conversion kit.


My Q220 and my 300 both have the piezo igniters and they are nothing but reliable, my 320 has the battery igniter and requires a light sometimes with a stick lighter. If I remember correctly, a Weber rep said that the piezo lighters would prove to be the most reliable in the long run.


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I agree. I would never replace the electronic ignition on a weber grill with another electronic ignition. I would always change to a Piezo. The contacts go bad, the batteries have to be changed, the batteries corrode and destroy the whole thing and they cost three times as much and last 1/5 as long.

Sure, they are cute and it is cool to hear that "spark, spark, spark" when you push the button, but IMO, it is not an upgrade. I have rehabbed several Q grills and wound up converting them back to the old style Piezo before selling when the Electronic was already dead. I have never considered going the other way....That is a good question if it is possible.

Stefan H

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I have also replaced defective electronic ignitions on Genesis 300s with the piezo ignitions. They just never go bad. Yes you have to press a bit harder but they always work.