Prime 6 Charcoal?


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Saw this at the store the other day. A 9lb pack, claims to be equivalent to a 30lb bag of briquettes.


Timothy F. Lewis

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I have a box of that still un opened! I suppose I should get it out and use it, I think it might be good for the next steak feast!


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That looks like binchotan charcoal, at least in style.

I actually just happened to see this today for the first time and had up pick it up to try it out.

View attachment 17504

View attachment 17505

Well, that's certainly a good price, compared to the 9lbs for the same price of Prime 6. Let us know how it goes. My weekly run to Wegmans will be tomorrow or Wednesday. If they still have the Prime 6, I'm going to grab some to try.


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I picked some Prime 6 up the other day. I'll post up my thoughts after my next cook.

Kelly C

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The wife and I just saw the creators of Prime 6 on Shark Tank tonight. Let us know if you like it.

Todd NC

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I was looking at this after seeing it on Shark Tank as well. I'll be interested to read opinions on here. I was planning to pick up some just to try it.

Dustin Dorsey

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Seems gimmicky to me but they probably work fine for direct heat cooks. I don't know how they would fair with the kind of cooks a lot of us do, such as low and slow minion method, or snake method.

Chris S in YEG

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I have never seen Prime 6 at the BBQ store up here in Edmonton. I have been considering purchasing another brand (which has slip my mind at this moment) with a similar shape. If I can neatly stack it in the charcoal basket it, It may give me a longer burn time to do a smoke at the Temperature here hovering around 0 C. (32F).


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Thanks Bruno! I did some steaks last night and wanted to use the Prime 6, but total darkness had me deciding to wait. I may have to do some afternoon grilling this week.