Prep table for outdoor cooking area


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Hi all, just got my very first WSM - an 18.5 beauty that I fired up this past weekend. I really am in need of a prep/equip table for my outdoor cooking area (I also have a Weber gas grill in proximity.) I am thinking something like this:
I think it has to be all metal as I will be leaving it outside most of the year. I also want it to be very sturdy and the "Camp Tables" I have seen are somewhat flimsy.

Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.



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That table you have linked to looks like a great choice. Hard to beat 304 stainless construction.

A lot of people have taken the cook box and other parts off of Genesis gas grill frames and converted them into work tables for their grilling areas.

Kyle in Woodstock

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Seems like a pretty good price for a SS table. I'd want something with wheels. One thing I noticed it has plastic feet. Good for a wood deck, but if you are moving it around a lot on concrete not sure how well the plastic would hold up.

I like Bruce's idea. Pickup a free beat up gas weber grill. Remove firebox and lid and use some wood to make a unique work space.


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Found a less expensive one (different stainless) on same site with Free Shipping.
Kyle you are correct, it does not have wheels and I would be using it on a concrete patio. But I do not plan on dragging it although some wear is inevitable. Plus, a set of wheels are available so I could get those later if/when the feet start to degrade.

Thanks for the advise guys,

Timothy F. Lewis

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I built an “ice table” with some leftover pieces of exterior plywood, some PVC trim material sprayed it with “Flex-Seal” paint and put a hose fitting for drainage, I use to as a “cold area for parties and in the winter it lives in the back room covered with plants any over runs of water just discolor it a little and some soap and water takes care of it well enough.
I keep seeing the “sink tables” from Cabela’s and would get one but, I really can’t think of where I’d store it!
Right now, I have the space between the two kettles then behind you (facing the kettles) I have a brick shelf that is a good working height for me. It works pretty well for buffet style serving. I try to set up the ice table under my EZ up, (I have a lot of birds around here) so it’s shaded and protected, when the party is over, let the table drain, dry in the sun and put it away!