Pre-Smoking Ribs?


TVWBB Olympian
I have a 3 pack of back ribs from Costco. Normally, two is more than we need, so I was thinking of pulling one rack a little early, vac sealing and freezing for later use. The idea is that I could thaw them and just reheat/finish cooking on the Performer at, say 350-ish. Good idea?


TVWBB Olympian
Yea I've done that before. Use some saran or freezer wrap around the bones, otherwise they may puncture your vac bag.


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I pretty much do the exact same thing when I’m doing ribs if I want to save a rack for my in-laws. It’s worked for me, but I find the frozen rack never tastes as good as the fresh ones. I know that’s probably an obvious statement, but I thought I should mention it.

Hope you enjoy your smoke!