Pork Steaks

Monty House

I adore pork sirloin, but I like it in a pot with a can of Campbell's French Onion soup, a package (from the refrigerator section) of good sauerkraut and about 2 T. brown sugar. BAM!!!!

Lynn Dollar

TVWBB All-Star
I listen to a couple of Houston based fella's podcast .. Tales From the Pits .... and they talk pork steaks, a lot . They visit barbecue joints where it seems pork steaks are growing in popularity in Texas, they say partly due to the price of brisket, partly due to joints trying to offer something different, and partly due to a trend in direct heat barbecue.

They do speak some about pork steak on the backyard, but they do it with direct heat. And they cut the pork butt into thicker steaks. They've succeeded in raising my interest.