Pork Fried Rice on the Blackstone


Pat G

TVWBB Emerald Member
I grilled some boneless center cut pork chops on the Performer and chopped them up for this cook.

The ingredients.

Liliy is trying to reach the table.

Veggies and garlic/ginger mixture to get started.

Steamed the veggies.

Added the chopped pork.

Time for the rice.

Last on are the eggs.

All done.

Time to eat.

This is the 3rd time I've made fried rice on the Blackstone. The family absolutely loves it.

Thanks for looking.:cool:


TVWBB Diamond Member
Yum! Looks tasty! I still haven't fired up the 22" BS yet. Maybe this weekend I'll get it rolling. I'd like to get one more coat of seasoning on first.

Barb D

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Yum, that looks delicious. Going to give that one a try, thanks for sharing it with us.