Pork butt cook tomorrow


Lynn Dollar

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And for the first time in years, I'm not gonna inject with the Chris Lilly Championship injection.

Malcom Reed has convinced me its not necessary in this video, which the forum software won't allow it to be embedded because the URL has the " F " word in it , hahaha


So if ya wanna hear Malcom's thoughts, ya gotta search YT for title of the video and he talks pork butt at the 40 minute mark

" Pork Butt Injections & Mr. Beast Burger vs. In and Out Burger | Season 5: Episode 32 "​

But that said, I'm gonna use some kind of finishing dust or sauce. And other than the au jux of the butts from the cook, I need some ideas.

Darryl - swazies

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I have only injected beef......
My pork is always slightly dry, but who puts it on a bun with nothing else on it?
I believe it comes down to the wrap....and when you put it on....I like paper over foil, works with the bark.

Lew Newby

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I wrap in foil and use the collected juice with some added rub to make a finishing sauce. Nothing fancy. . When I started, I didn't inject but once I tried it we noticed a little improvement. Whether it's necessary or not, I like the finished product with the Chris Lilly injection. With apologies to the Q masters, of course. I'm open to change but that's one thing I've settled on and old enough to justify stuck in a rut.

Lynn Dollar

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well, how did it turn out? No pics!

Inconclusive. What I tasted while pulling the pork lacked the flavor of the Lilly injection. But then, all I did was add a small amount of au jus and some more rub to the pulled pork. But I really have not eaten enough of it yet to make up my mind.

Another factor is I like a vinegar sauce on pulled pork, preferably Malcolm Reed's Killer Hogs vinegar sauce. And that makes up for bland pulled pork.

So maybe I don't inject in the future, IDK yet. Maybe I keep looking for a better finishing rub or sauce.

I did not take many pics. Here's the two butts when I pulled them off the smoker to wrap at about 8 hours into the cook, with an IT of 180* .


Randy G

Awesome looking bark. I always feel like the best pulled pork I make are the ones that have a little more rub and the pork juices mixed in when I pull it. My palate is terrible and I generally can’t tell the difference between injected and not injected.


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Some of the more moist pulled pork seems to happen when I have plenty of time & I don't wrap. Then I wrap it for 2-3 hours covered with a towel in a cooler, this usually yields me with the best results.

Lynn Dollar

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In case you could not find Malcolms vid and are interested, they've posted a short version with him talking about injecting or not to inject


Andy Kaminski

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I haven’t done it in a while but I had some great results cramming cloves of garlic and/or peppers deep into the meat.
I’m gonna have to revisit that I think 🤔.