Pork belly to pig candy


Steve Haack

TVWBB Member
My project didn’t turn out the way I expected. I was trying to make Harry Soo’s French inspired brisket style pork belly. Like most of the East Coast I worked around the rain, but I was able to get the belly on around noon. I temped and wrapped after about 6 hours, and an hour later it was probing above 205 so I rested it for another few hours.

However, I’ve never smoked pork belly before and I probably should have done it fat cap down, because I had trouble consistently finding the meat to temp. After resting, I sliced it and it was cooked but not done. I am guessing I was inconsistently getting the meat and the fat was probing tender but the whole thing wasn’t finished.

so the next day I made pig candy burnt ends and that turned out pretty good. All’s well that ends well.


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Just bought a pork belly the other day...pretty big one so I'm doing 1/2 for bacon and the other half just like you did with the bites. They look great.