Pork Belly Information

Joe P.

New member
I've done a search but could not find the information I was looking for. I've got some pork belly and since it will be my first time smoking it I am looking for advice on how to go about it. For example: skin side up, cook temperature, wrap or not, and anything in general as far as the process on an 18.5" WSM. I am going to do the whole slab and am not going to make burnt ends this time. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Joe P.

New member
Thank you Bob for the welcome and the link. And here I thought that I searched pretty well! LOL

Mike Freel

I have only smoked pork belly when making bacon so my experience is with "cured" pork belly. Based on that experience and my general experiences smoking I would do the following if it was me. Fat side up so the rendered fat would run down over the meat. If I wanted the smoked taste I would not wrap it. I would probably smoke it like pork steak and take it up to about 150 internal temperature. I always figure the first time smoking something new is an experiment and plan to learn from it for the next time.

Nate C

I just did a 5 pound pork belly today but I smoke em for pork belly candy. That being said, my method doesn't stray much from any pork product. I cook around the 250 mark and I do fat side down but I really don't think it matters since the meat has a fair amount of fat in it. I don't trim the fat cap but will trim moderately once cooked if there is too much fat. I will run either apple or cherry and today added a little pecan and thought it was nice. I don't tend to wrap but see no reason why you couldn't. I cook to tender with a probe and focus less on internal temp.