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So there was a good deal on pork belly and i couldnt resist. I was going to try making bacon but then i was wondering what it would be like if anyone has tried making "pork belly burnt ends". Ive dont them with brisket point of course and done them with a pork shoulder before and they were good. It just seems like a belly would be an ideal peice of meat to try this on. If not whats a good way to cook it other than making bacon?
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You can make lardons, which are just small cubes (or small strips) of essentially bacon that you can use for flavoring all sorts of different dishes without having to use whole bacon strips. I usually will save all the cutoff pieces and smoke those right along with the bacon and then freeze afterwards. That way I can just reach in and grab as many as I want when cooking.

Bacon flavored green beans, peas, potatoes, corn, chili, the list is almost endless.

You could score the fat on the belly...rub with salt, pepper and garlic then roast that belly in a rotisserie basket over high heat.

Slice that bad boy up...eat the slices until you go into a pork coma? make pork belly sliders?
T Perkins,

Thanks! It took me a week to recover.

I used the leftovers to make some roasted Brussels spouts more interesting.

Pork bellies are pretty glorious!

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Adam, I have not tried it, but here is a Harry Soo Recipe for Soy Vinegar PB. I have been looking and watching for some pork belly but haven't found any here.
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