popane tank filling questions



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I would like to know about the proper way that propane tanks should be. I'm thinking that the bleeder valve should be opened during filling to let the air out. My assumption is that when the gas is all burned out and the valves (tank and grill) is left open, then air must enter the tank. Maybe a better question would be does it matter that air is in the tank? Is there a way to bleed the air after filling? I've tried opening the bleeder valve on a half full tank, expecting for liquid gas to eventually come out but it didn't.

On the other hand, perhaps I'm concerned for nothing. I'm just tinking that if air is in the tank then it won't produce as hot of a flame.


Bill Elwell

I'm also a home brewer (since 1994) would think they are similar to CO2 tanks. I was told by my CO2 supplier that if you turn them off before disconnecting them then no air gets inside. So, that's what I do.

(Not important, but I did 3 tours at Ft. Bragg). ; ' )