Poor Man's Burnt Ends



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Chuck roasts are the only way I've made burnt ends so far, and I've done them several times. I'm no expert and I've never tried cutting them in strips yet; I just rub the chucks with S&P and take them to ~180f, then cube into bite-size pieces, place in a foil pan and sauce, then take them to ~200f or preferred tenderness. I determine by looks or mood as to whether or not I add additional sauce near the end. I also go by mood as to whether or not I cover the foil pan. I may have wrapped at ~165f a time or two when I first started making them but I have not done that in a while.


James J

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Digging up an old thread. First time I'm using chuck for simulated burnt ends. I've used flap meat in the past and it was really good. But that stuff is getting out of hand, price wise. Of course, chuck isn't cheap these days either. I can buy brisket cheaper, but the waste is high and it's a lot of meat for the two of us.

I was in Sams today and found this gem in the Angus Choice section. It stood out as the most obviously marbled of the bunch. Looks pretty much like I'd expect a good prime to look.

I'm thinking about cutting into strips or big cubes. Any recommendations one way or the other? View attachment 44264
Thanks for bringing this post back up Chuck. I’ve done this several more times since then with good results. How did yours turn out?