Pizza dough - sourdough wild yeast culture from Naples

k walsh

After a long period of very little pizza making I am jumping right back into it.

I really enjoy making bread, especially sourdough from all wild yeast cultures. I ordered several freeze dried cultures from (Sourdoughs International) and am very impressed with them. I ordered the culture from Finland for making Finnish sourdough rye bread and the two sourdough cultures from Italy.

I chose the Italian cultures for pizza and bread making. I have been making my pizza dough as a slow cold ferment. The crust is very good!

I though I would share this with other pizza fans out there who might like to try what is purported to be an authentic wild yeast (sourdough) culture from Naples.


Len Dennis

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Nice BUT after some short(ish) period of time those Finnish and Italian yeasties are going to be taken over and eliminated by the yeasties in your neck of the woods (wherever that is ) ;)

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k walsh

I thought so as well however they claim that the cultures are quite stable. They advise to take some basic precautions to prevent gross contamination such as do not bake with different cultures at the same time. This information comes from the book they authored: Classic Sourdoughs revised: A Home Bakers Handbook.