Picked up an older GAG today


Frankie C

TVWBB Member
Today I added a new member to the family, I have been looking for one of these for a while. Found it on CL for 30 dollars, a little more than I wanted to spend but I was a sucker for the wood handles and the seller had all the original paper work.

After a few hours of cleanup this is what it looked like.

I lit it up after dark to see the flame pattern and it was perfect steady blue.





Does anyone have an idea how to date these things? I can’t find a number anywhere.

The printing on the paperwork was dated 1/98.

Thanks in advance


Bob Ivey

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Had one of those years ago then gave it to my daughter for her first apartment. No idea what ever happened to it. It worked great. Wish we still had it. Yours looks great.

George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
that is purty ! i have many of those and two in that shape. and that price is not bad for that. far as i know there is no way to tell the age but for sure its near what you said cuz shortly after that they went to the plastic handles. the gassers are not that bad though they won't get hot like a charcoal one will. note that they burn hotter the furthest from the regulator.
keep that diffuser clean and lubed cuz they will rust and they are near $18 or so for a new one.


Ha ha, I just went to see photos of your GAG, and then saw the last photo.

It's like going to a friend's house to check out his VW, only to see a Bentley next to it!