Performer quick connect for 1# tanks.



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I've had my gas assist performer for a little over one year and I prolly went thru 5-6 tanks.
I don't use the thing 24/7 so I'm sure I have a leak.
Grandpa always taught me to disconnect propane tanks from torches because of small or needle leaks.
Screwing it on and off is not a problem but a quick connect would make it easier.
I know the SSP performers had a quick connect for the 5# tanks.
Do they make an aftermarket version for the 1# tanks, similar to this?
Timothy, I like your way of thinking but there needs to be a shut off valve between the tank and quik-coupler so the pressure can be released before un-coupling.
With my Performer, my experience has been great as far as gas consumption is concerned. Please my friend, find that leak.
If I were you I would try and identify if indeed there is a leak and the location, not just because of the gas lose but also because it could ignite. Soapy water can help with checking for a leak, by covering the valve, fittings etc. And looking for bubbles.
When I had a performer with gas assist, I don't think that I ever used more than one tank a year.
Was your performer used? Mine was and the plastic knob from years of use was slipping when turning off and on. I would try the soap trick when off for sure like others I get at least a year out of one of those tanks.

You would need to spray that soap at the tip where the flame would be inside the Performer to see when you had it off gas was not passing thru or where it enters the performer if you know what I mean.
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The other thing I would add is I have never unscrewed my tank unless it was empty and have had no issues something is definitely wrong there what it is not a clue maybe something to do with the fitting you screw it into the only thing I can think of.
I spritzed a soap solution where the tank screws in and after the shut off / regular @ the 90 deg elbow.
No bubbles that I could see.
The only thing I can think of is what Gramps said.
The leak could be so itsy teensy tiny it takes months to drain a tank.
I'm just gonna disconnect and reconnect for now and see how long this next tank lasts.
Thanks for all the replies!
Each time you connect/disconnect, there is a small amount of gas that is being released. This could explain part of the missing gas.
True, but I haven't done that in the past.;)
I can't really call Weber because I checked for leaks just like they show in the manual and didn't notice any bubbles.
I can say I'm pretty sure (almost positive) I have a leak but I can't offer any proof only theories.
Maybe the bbq gremlins are messin with me in the middle of the night.
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That makes absolutely no sense because my tanks leak when they are connected.
I've had the same experience. I have a Bernz-O-Matic propane torch that leaks with the torch head connected to the tank, but is fine when disconnected.
That makes absolutely no sense because my tanks leak when they are connected.
It may not be your problem but I do the same as Mike. They always leak when disconnected. That is the reason for the caps or I attach to a torch head as mike does.
Makes no sense ?, I am over 60, been doing heat and air repair for 45 + years have a license to install gas lines ect , either the gasket on the grill is bad or the valve it's self is. I repair refridge and freezers full time along with hot water heaters and small ac units, I have 20 years with the same company so I ain't plum stupid lol , mistaken sometimes though :)