Pella-A Weber Kettle Pellet Adapter

Stefan H

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There might be a limited market. Unless it is height adjustable it will only fit one type of kettle. 18.5", 22", Premium 22", Master-Touch 22" and the Performer do all have different heights.

Jon Tofte

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Interesting. I've been seeing these for a while on Craigslist that seemed to be more versatile or grill height, and far more aesthetically pleasing. I don't own one, and have never tried one. I just always see it for sale when I'm searching Craigslist.
I love my Rec Tec "Bull" full-size pellet grill. I don't have the money for that Sacramento CL post you linked, but I would rather have that add-on and use a Weber Kettle than to buy Rec Tec's pellet kettle model. This even though I really respect Rec Tec. So, if I had extra funds, that option would have its appeal. Big question is how hot it can get a kettle. Pellet grills are great smokers but not really up for true high heat grilling. Rec Tec's kettle-size model seems to claim a little higher heat than their bigger pellet grills. However, the Weber kettle would make a better platform in my opinion. If this add-on could provide enough heat to at least do burgers and steaks respectably, it could be a really nice thing to have.

The other add-on originally posted does not appeal to me.
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I really would have liked one but on their website they only ship to US and Canada - and I'm in Denmark (Europe)