Pecan shells for smoke

Steve Petrone

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Six or seven years ago a client gave me a bag of whole pecans. I'm not one to shell nuts... So I used the nuts on my grill to add smoke. It was awesome !

Last weekend I went to south Ga to pecan and peanut country. I bought big box of pecan shells. Can't wait to try them on the genesis grill.
In addition, I added some peach and pecan wood for the smoker.


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Ya know, Steve; I think it was from you that I originally got the idea to use pecans about 6 or 7 years ago. Worked pretty well.


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Peanuts are not nuts. They're legumes. I think it would be a rather rancid smoke. I would definitely NOT waste food trying them until you see how badly they smell burning

Timothy F. Lewis

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Peanut shells are way too thin and I agree smell terrible when burned. Pecans are fairly high in sugars and would burn much more pleasantly. Never used walnut shells but the wood is pretty “creosotey” and would be like licking the bottom of a telephone pole as my father used to say.
Anyone use corncobs? Heard about that all my life (so far) and never tried them.

Brian Lee

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+1 on pecan shells. A few Christmas's ago my sister gave me a big bag of Georgia pecans she uses for making pecan pie. I saved the shells in a big plastic bag. And throw them on my coals whenever making brisket and ribs. They impart a nice flavor.

Tom Barineau

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Living in South (and I mean SOUTH) Georgia, we have used pecan shells for many years. But due to the short smoke time (because
they are thin), we primarily use them when cooking steak on a charcoal grill. REALLY good! We soak them a little while and then pat
them with paper towels to dry off the excess water so as not to put the charcoal out.