Ox tail



Ever wonder what a cleaned bone of ox tail looks like? Here's an easy three step way to find out:

1) Apply salt and pepper to ox tails and brown up on Smokey Joe:


2) Throw them in the WSM at the standard 225-250 cook for six hours or so. Easy on the smoke.

3) Add tails to teflon coated pot at medium low heat with about 3/4 stick of butter. As butter melts whisk flour into melt until yellow pasty. Don't worry about butter sticking to tails. Whisk water into pot, keeping everything nice and mixed and creamy until tails almost covered.

Simmer very low heat for at least an hour.

Place in front of somebody, and in a few minutes, nothing but bone.


<span class="ev_code_GREY">Serving Suggestion</span>


I used a package that contained 3 big ox tail cuts and several smaller cuts. Even the smallest pieces were delicious.

I simmered for one hour then ran out of time. The gravy was slightly darkened but I wanted more dark and flavor. I put the pot in the fridge and slow simmered a few more hours the next evening. Whisk occasionally and add water as needed.