Orange Gin Old Fashioned


Rich G

TVWBB Emerald Member

I really like gin, and have recently been exploring the Gin Old Fashioned. Tonight's version is an Orange Gin Old Fashioned:

3 oz gin (Bombay Sapphire this time)
.5 oz simple syrup (50/50 water/sugar by volume, simmer to dissolve, chill)
7-10 dashes Orange bitters

I prefer to swirl this with ice in my cocktail shaker, then pour over ice into my cocktail glass, but if you prefer shaken, by all means. Tasty stuff!

If there are any gin lovers looking for a straight sipping gin, might I recommend, Boomsa Jonge Genever from The Netherlands. I keep it in the freezer, pour straight up in a glass.....viscous, smooth, incredibly well balanced botanicals.


Have a good evening! :)


Making a note of this and adding to my "try" list...sounds amazing - I also love a great gin. We have a local distillery here that makes some very interesting ones...