Opinion?? Dry rub or marinated flank steak?



Looks great, I have only used it a few time and the last was for a Adobo meal that turned out great, didn't get pictures unfortunately , wont be the last. the braising made it very tender and the different chili's added a great fruity flavor with some heat


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I’d go with the rub. Marinades don’t do it for me.
There was an interesting item on a food programme here in the UK a couple of months ago that compared the effects on flavour of dry rubs and wet marinades. It found that the wet marinades only permeated flavour marginally more than a dry rub. Of course the real advice was to brine to ensure juiciness.


We have traditionally gone with marinated, our go-to is Soy Vey Veri Veri Teriyaki

But recently I did try a simple SPOG, then smoked with hickory and a quick sear at the end.

Both options were geat, but likely would go marinated more often than not.


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Marinades only penetrate the meat by 1/4" so unless you Jaccard, the marinade is not gonna get to the inside.

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I agree, I don’t have that fancy tool so I painfully do it with a fork.
Use a marinade with lots of vinegar and tequila, I don’t remember the recipe right now but these harsh ingredients to help tenderize the meat. Along with spices of course.


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i've marinated it in zinfandel wine overnight and then montreal seasoning (any dry rub with salt) onto it for an hour at room temp before grilling it. i also do this same process on tri-tips. the wine is an acid which penetrates the meat easily and then the rub is flavor on top of the wine. served with grilled asparagus and real garlic toast (crushed garlic into butter/evoo and fresh chopped italian parsley, in a saucepan and cooked very low to infuse the garlic into the fats/oils) then brush on top of grilled bread (costco baguettes sliced open face). a small amount of wine goes a long way so no need to drown the flank in a bottle of wine. a glass or two is more than enough.
Sounds amazing!


I would love to have a vacuum container that would hold a 6-8lb roast so I could marinade under vacuum, only a small 1 at the moment, the very very is good stuff on chicken. been working so much through the week my cooking has been suffering lol.


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When I quick grill a tough cut like flank or similar, I like to marinade/inject overnight. The marinade always has known tenderizing ingredients like onion, garlic, etc..

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Marinades don't add flavor except to the surface (and maybe a fraction deeper) and probably have a negligible effect on breaking down muscle fibers. Even with mechanical tenderization, it is unlikely the actual marinade penetrates very much, though probably more than without. A marinade is essentially a wet rub and can still be delicious even if cookbooks have been wrong about the science behind them.